Litar LT-DEC Easy Cleaner Display Cleaner

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  • Cloth-convertible
  • Washable and easy to take off and put it back
  • Leave no water stains and floc
  • Won't harm the screen
  • Effective cleaning
  • Prevent dirt-attracting and electrostatic charges
  • Dry-quickly leave no stains and contaminants
  • Effective and convenient
  • Easy to carry

Litar LT-DEC Easy Cleaner Display Cleaner can be used to clean your plasma TV, LCD TV, PC monitor, Touchscreen Glare defender, glass, camcorder, camera and any display screen with LCD protection film.
Litar Liquid Cleaner leaves no residue on cleaned surfaces, will not cause skin uncomfortable. The optical neutral surfactant won't harm your screen and it's quickly cleansing all the dirt and other contaminates. Clean all the dirt quickly, anti-fog and anti-mildew.
This special cleaning cloth can cleanse all the dirt and other contaminates quickly and won't harm the LCD screen. Easy to hold and wipe. Using with liquid cleaner for large flat area. Washable. Stains on the cloth can be clean off with water easily.

Package Contains :
  • 1 x LT-Dec Liquid Cleaner
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth

Size :
10 x 15 x 2.5 (cm)
Weight :
Variation :
Warranty :

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